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    "Anyone who understands performance suspension will understand the amazing affect chassis reinforcement and bracing will have on the cars ability to execute high speed cornering. Using TB Performance Products chassis braces will give YOUR car the winning edge... "Focus on your opponent..Let us get you around the next corner" D.Check

TB Performance Products' Sponsored 2010 Mazda 3.25L

We currently only have braces coated with our high strength black polymer coating which has a very durable textured finish! Sorry there will no longer be a red paint option on our products! 

The first step is to realize you have an ADDICTION...

What if I told you there was this place... in the middle of the mountains... that no driver has ever seen, because no car has ever made it there,would you want to go? We achieve a certain euphoria by watching our tach toggle over the redline. We get an adrenaline rush that others can't comprehend when an opponent flashes their hazards.We don't chirp in second gear to get up the mountain faster, we aim to push our greatest asset to the extreme, to see how far we can take it, how close a drift we can come to the edge. We are a breed like no other... putting all ideals of life behind to experience our untamed need for traction, torque, horsepower and handling. The term race car describes your life and you will defend your track time with every ounce of soul you have left. You didn't come to this site by accident, you came to this site to avoid an accident. TB isn't just a name.. it's a lifestyle. A Track Built lifestyle... "